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Darden North discusses his approach to marketing award-winner books on

Image Darden North is the nationally-awarded author of four novels, most notably in Southern Fiction for "Points of Origin." His current thriller is "Wiggle Room."

Journalist says that my murder mysteries have a local feel

Image Several times in the past I have been interviewed regarding the mix of my medical career as an obstetrician/gynecologist with that as an author of murder mysteries and thriller novels. The young journalist Duncan Dent with  the Madison County Journal  asked me some surprisingly candid questions as the January 2015 article explores my options for production of my novels into film and plans for a fifth novel while I continue to practice medicine full-time.

Doug Dahlgren interviews author Darden North on Artist First Radio

(CLICK TO LISTEN)---   Catch my 2015 blog radio interview on Artist First Radio. Host and fiction author Doug Dahlgren probes the behind-the-scenes development of my current novel "Wiggle Room" as well what sparked my other novels, such as the IPPY award winner book "Points of Origin," also available as an audiobook. He asks how an obstetrician-gynecologist decides to write murder mysteries and how my roots in the Mississippi Delta shape my work.  (CLICK TO LISTEN)---                              

"Points of Origin" & "Wiggle Room" Included in Valentine Catologue - "Southern Writers Magazine" 2015


Thrillers and a New Chihuahua

I am the guest of Patricia Stoltey on her blog. Enjoy my post there January 8, 2015, particularly if you like dogs! ----- Darden